"If, one day, I have a daughter the first thing I’ll teach her is how to say - no. I’ll have her say it over and over again until her voice no longer trembles. She’ll say it softly, calmly, the way I say yes. For her, no, will be effortless. She will know that no is the end of a discussion, not a beginning of a negotiation. She will know when to walk away. She will know that no does not need to be justified, or explained, or qualified, it is a full sentence. She will know not to feel guilty when the word leaves her lips. She will know to keep her head up and her shoulders high. She will know to feel pride for choosing herself, for choosing not to give little bits of herself to people who can’t appreciate them. If, one day, I have a daughter, I’ll teach her that sometimes there is more love in those two letters, than in the eight the whole world will tell her she needs for happiness."
- m.v., Lessons in self-love. (via findingwordsforthoughts)


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wow ive never thought about zalum but fuck yes


me trying to participate in sports



So my older brother was in a book store and picked up a book about the difficulties faced by same sex parents in society today when a woman came up and bitched him out for being “too young to be reading a book about THAT sort of people.” He saw that she was carrying the third Hunger Games Book so he stared her dead in the eyes and hissed “Prim dies.” and walked away and I have never been prouder to have him as my sibling.


I don’t know who made this but bless their soul.


I don’t know who made this but bless their soul.





Don’t kill yourself, please.


If you’re suffering from depression and are looking for a sign to not go through with ending your life, this is it. This is the sign. We care.

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i currently have a crush on 94 people at the same time 

Nicki Minaj attends ‘The other woman’ premiere

Nicki Minaj attends ‘The other woman’ premiere

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"Guys we’re a serious band" -Luke hemmings


"Guys we’re a serious band"
-Luke hemmings

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1• who’s your fave from 1D or 5sos ? well from 1d it is and always will be harry idek why it just always has been and i cant even decide with 5sos bc i thought it was michael but calum and luke and ashton like how
2• chipotle or qudoba? never had either oops im a loser
3• if you went to a 5sos concert and the manager or someone bought you back stage to see your fave but your third fave starts hitting on you what would you do? lets make out ooooooh
4• is Luke’s quiff higher than your self esteem? hahahaahaha yes
5•can you drive? sad face no im the youngest in my grade so i have 4 months
6• if you can live anywhere in the world where and why? i think either new york city bc its incredibly beautiful or la bc its a good place to start pursuing my music career but londonnnn im indecisive
7•why are you so beautiful ? all i eat is pizza (bc i try to be you and you’re beautiful)
8•who’s a better dancer? Ashton or Calum? seriously i think calum has so sexy moves that he needs to show more so i think calum
9•would rather hear more screamo typish music or more rap music on 5sos’s “upcoming” album ? SCREAMING
10• hi, how was your day? i stayed home from school so greatttt
11• tell me an interesting fact? over the weekend i stayed at a hotel and swam at the hotel pool and i think i had an allergic reaction to the over chlorinated water bc my face looks like a reptile lol

My questions :)

1. Who do you love the most and why?

2. Favorite color?

3. Pizza or cheeseburger?

4. Do you have any good friends from tumblr?

5. Why are you so perfect?

6.What is your dream job?

7. Fav?

8. How much do you usually sleep?

9. Does Ashton’s body make you drool?

10. Is Luke real?

11. Whats your favorite animal?

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when people reblog ur selfie